Meet the best POCKET VAPE.

With the Suorin Air pocket vape, you get a device so small that it can fit in your pocket and even your wallet.

You no longer have to carry around a massive vape that will fill your pockets and keep you uncomfortable.

Smaller than the average smartphone, the Suorin Air is manufactured by the same company that makes the iPhone and is the perfect size to keep in your pocket.


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The Suorin Air pocket vape makes vaping simple and easy. It does not have buttons or complicated settings common among other types of vaporizers. After you take the Suorin Air pocket vape out of your wallet or pocket, all you have to do is inhale.

No smell from this pocket vape.

The Suorin Air pocket vape uses e-liquid rather than tobacco, so you’ll never smell like smoke after using it. The smell of the vapor emitted from the Suorin Air pocket vape dissipates after a few minutes. Most e-liquid has a pleasant smell like fruit or mint and won’t leave your house reeking of tobacco.

You’ll never be stuck waiting for a hit with the Suorin Air pocket vape. The battery charges in 30 minutes or less. Other vaporizers can take 4 hours or more to charge. When you want to hit your vape, 4 hours can be a long time. You’ll be able to vape how you want when you want.